Pick My Project


Category: Social Good - Campaign
Agency: Katalyst Interactive
Client: Department of Premier and Cabinet Victoria


Home to over 6.5 million Australians, the Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet’s (DCP) core challenge was engaging with all Victorians so they can propose community projects, and through public voting, allocate $30 million dollars of government funding.


To develop an online voting process and platform that was easy to use, fair to the whole of Victoria including remote regions, and inclusive of all Victorians, embracing the diversity of backgrounds and perspectives.


Katalyst developed user journeys for the initiative by combining user research and testing with the subject matter expertise of DPC. They implemented the journeys using an agile process to create the foundation website and voting system. This allowed for an evolving specification based on feedback from users and stakeholders. They could incorporate feedback provided in early phases into the refinement of features developed in later phases.

Execution and Delivery

Marketing and promotional campaigns created awareness of the initiative and directed users to Pick My Project website to begin the application process and submit their idea proposal.

The design aimed to minimise time spent onboarding and navigating, and increase time spent on deliberation to consider project choices. Katalyst’s team employed user interface elements such as tooltips and progressive step notifications to quickly assist the user through the user journeys.

As the ideas open phase progressed, DPC used the data exported to PowerBI to map the project locations and determine regions where engagement in the initiative was weaker. This allowed DPC to contact councils in these regions and rally them to promote the initiative and encourage submissions from the community.

During the voting and choosing the winners, Katalyst designed the system to categorise votes by both region and council to allow DPC to calculate numbers, allocate budgets, and determine the winning ideas.

For marketing and communications, DPC used SalesForce CRM and Marketing Cloud. Katalyst’s development team integrated the Pick My Project website with SalesForce API. This approach gave DPC enterprise software capability in the backend while providing a purpose-built online experience for Victorians to fit the community and initiative.

The initiative utilised social networks such as Facebook and interaction and promotional features of the website to initiate discussion. Discussion threads allowed voters to engage with idea project creators and ask questions about the idea. Through a social sharing feature participants could promote their favourite idea submissions and rally their community to vote.

The website also provided extensive resources and videos that explained how each phase worked and supported participants understand the initiative.

The DPC team directly engaged within the community through activities held at more than 70 locations across the state, which included 11 regional and metro assemblies, 11 webinars, and 99 community events.


  • 2,600+ project ideas submitted
  • 90% progress to voting
  • Nearly 10% of voters were youth or young adults, and another 10% of the votes came from Victorians aged 65 and over – with the oldest Victorian voter aged 105
  • There are 237 successful project ideas from across the state, representing a mix of ideas and outcomes for Victorian communities, including 120 projects for the metro areas and 117 projects for the regional and rural areas