Warm Up, Tune Up


Category: Customer Retention - Campaign
Agency: Six Black Pens
Client: MLC


Superannuation is a low engagement ‘grudge purchase’, and an incredibly complex product. MLC Wealth has two super brands, MLC and Plum, but only 2/3 of members had made active contributions, and 1/3 had nominated beneficiaries or claimed lost super. Members were frustrated by mixed messages about how to set up their super accounts.

MLC wanted to shift the dial and simplify messaging.


  • Invest in creating trust and gathering data, so we have permission to then go out with bespoke nudge theory comms.
  • Make the complex simple by educating, engaging and empowering members.
  • Harness power-of-data insights to continually test and enhance UX


‘Warm Up’: make the complex simple to engage, educate and build trust. Super can be confronting. An education exercise informed by data, MLC split the audience further and used sophisticated personalisation matched to their life stage.

‘Tune Up’: make the complex simple to engage, empower and nudge members into taking small, bite-sized actions. MLC honed in on data, devised actions tailored to their circumstances, and used innovative and sophisticated consumer behavioural economics techniques to help members engage and continue to fund and optimize their retirement life savings.

Execution and Delivery

Creatively, the ‘Warm Up’ program introduced the idea of starting to get financially fit – while ‘Tune Up’-triggered communications created a ‘health score’ for members, using advanced data analytics: one that measured the fitness (completeness) of their super account and gave them simple ‘get fit quick’ actions to take.

MLC’s design included combining complex tagging, UX-enhancing breadcrumbs, social amplification, deep linking techniques and Cross Business Unit content linking, promoting MLC app & Retirement Hub.

  • They also employed gamification techniques such as:
  • Progress Bar – using gamification with an animated bar, a personalised ‘super’ score
  • Steps – using nudge and next actions
  • Education – linking to online content related to each action
  • Digital Journey – from email to web to secure website
  • Video Content – ‘how to’ video on navigating the website to complete their actions
  • Tailored Actions – Using data analytics and customer segmentation to identify actions that are applicable to them


‘Warm Up, Tune Up’ broke new CX ground creatively and strategically. MLC created one, holistic ‘super fit’ retention program, using smart data and sophisticated behavioural techniques – nudge theory, gamification and ultra-personalisation.

Thanks to ‘Warm Up, Tune Up’, MLC members are now more active and positively engaged, with significant uplift seen in member contributions and consolidations as well as updating customer details.