26-Feb-2014 AIMIA has today released the results of its Second Digital Industry Salary Survey. Sponsored by S2M, the comprehensive and independent survey provides digital agencies with insight into employment trends designed to assist in resourcing effectively.

The second edition is designed primarily for digital agencies and covers additional areas such as work type, sourcing strategies, projected salary increases and employee benefits. For the purpose of this survey, digital agencies are defined as being involved in the provision of development, strategy, creative, advertising and marketing services in the digital space.

The survey was promoted to over 400 companies within the AIMIA membership base, of which 58 per cent are agencies, as well as the broader digital industry. A total of 74 digital agencies completed the survey. The majority of respondents who completed the survey were based in NSW at 64 per cent. Twenty per cent of respondents were from Victoria, 12 per cent from Queensland, 3 per cent from Western Australia and 1 per cent from South Australia. A large proportion of respondents were from agencies or offices that fell into the <$5 million revenue band.

“We’re pleased to see so many digital agencies around Australia participating in the survey and hope to see many more agencies participate next year,” said John Butterworth, AIMIA CEO. “The results show some interesting employment and salary trends which we hope will assist digital agencies in staff retention and resourcing for 2014.”

In terms of staffing, on average 80 per cent of staff in digital agencies are permanent, 9 per cent are part-time and 11 per cent are freelance. Respondents predict that in the next 12 months, digital agencies will see permanent staff decrease to 72 per cent while part-time staff will increase to 12 per cent and freelance will also increase to 16 per cent. The average length of service was found to be two years and average staff turnover was 13 per cent. The results show that on average, 13 per cent of employees were promoted in the last 12 months and 5 per cent of staff members are based offshore.

In addition to base salary and employer superannuation contributions provided to non-executive staff, other effective benefits were found to be training, followed by flexible work hours, benefits or bonuses, mobile phone allowance, car parking and extra annual leave. On average, respondents estimated that salary increases in the last 12 months were 7 per cent. The majority of respondents predicted salaries would increase over the next 12 months with an average increase estimated to be of 5 per cent.

In regards to sourcing, word of mouth came in first with 34 per cent of respondents regarding it as the most efficient strategy. This was followed by the use of recruitment agencies at 25 per cent, job websites also at 25 per cent and social media at 16 per cent.

For organisations that completed the survey, a complimentary copy of the survey report will be sent within the next two weeks. Following that, the digital industry will be given the opportunity to request a free copy until the 24th of July. To request your free copy, please click on the following link here.

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AIMIA is the digital industry association for Australia, representing the digital content, services and applications industry since 1992. Representing more than 400 digital businesses across Australia, AIMIA exists to encourage and support the growth of AIMIA members and the digital industry through education and training, and industry representation.

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