4 Big Trends in Marketing Technology

By: Which50 for AIMIA

Sometimes it's about getting the basics right, say marketers and digital agency heads. But there is no escaping the potential impact of technologies like augmented and virtual reality. That's the conclusion drawn by leaders at an AIMIA technology roundtable.

At AIMIA's Melbourne Technology Think Tank in particular, leaders said they expect to see a rationalisation of technology investments. This will presage a shift back to the basics of IT.

Right now we are not getting even the basics right. You are still getting drop-off rates on websites and cart abandonment rates of over 90 percent.

So here are the top four things that are going to be hot in MarTech in the next 12 months according to agency leaders.

Participants in the roundtable discussions contributed to the 'Building a bridge to customer engagement' whitepaper.