Where are Digital and Technology Skills and Salaries headed?

The rapid pace of technological change in the Digital sector is seeing demand for those with the right skillsets outstrip availability, both locally and globally. The individuals who have kept their skills up to date are being well rewarded financially. Now Digital + Technology Collective’s expanded annual Skills and Salary Survey will put some numbers and context around that proposition, providing you with an invaluable snapshot of where you, your skills and your organisation sit in relation to your peers.

The Digital Skills and Salary Survey 2017, which puts skills and salary levels for the Digital sector together for the first time, is an evolution of similar surveys undertaken by Digital + Technology Collective (formerly AIMIA) in the past and is being conducted in partnership with digital recruitment specialist Razzbri.

Submissions for the Digital SKills and Salary Survey closed on Friday 16 November. The final report will be available for use from early 2018.

When the report becomes available in early 2018, it will provide the most up to date and detailed level of knowledge about employment trends in the digital and technology space, benchmarking current salary bands, showing what skills are hot and which sectors pay digital professionals the most (and least), as well as identifying significant relevant employment trends in the market.

In this digital- and technology-led era, the Survey is part of a suite of new initiatives to ensure D + T Collective plays a leading role in equipping Australian business with the knowledge, tools, education and thought leadership to stay at the cutting edge of change.

Play your part in determining the future direction of your business in the digital and technology space by taking the survey.


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