Skills and Salaries 2018: Where are the women in the workforce?

The Australian digital and technology work force at may be punching above the global averages for participation of women in the sector – estimated worldwide at just 30% - but there is still a long way to go before reaching gender parity, particularly when it comes to pay packets.

Despite the relative youth of its workforce and the perception that it’s a progressive industry, overall the digital and technology labour market in Australia and NZ is split 54:46%men to women, the 2017 D+T Collective Digital Skills and Salary Survey has found. Female participation in the digital and tech workforce has increased from 40% in 2015 but still sits below the Australian average of 50%.

But that split widens substantially when it comes to the pay gap, with men’s median pay 18.9% higher than females working in the industry.That’s well above the 15.3% pay gap that exists in the Australian job market, and 8% below the median average salary across the sector.

Just one role classification – content –within the sector employs more women than men while another four roles are male dominated.

The full Digital Skills and Salary Report to be released in April will show where the career paths are for women and where to develop their skill sets to increase their salaries.


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