6 Questions with Jordan Reizes

Jordan Reizes, Greater Asia Marketing, Sitecore

1. What gets you up in the morning?

Most days I'm up at 5:08 to ride my bike with my friends. I think that doing something with people makes it easier to get up when you’re tired, the weather’s bad or have been travelling. I think that exercise outside is the best way to get acclimatised to new time zones and beat jetlag.

2. What are you most excited about in the digital and tech space?

Voice and Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning are exciting, but if I had to choose one for impact this year it would be voice. Voice search volumes are growing exponentially and if you think about it how many times have you had your hands full or you’re driving and would like to do something, it’s a whole new opportunity to transform the digital experience. Using voice as a UI to gain information, to transact it’s something that we’ve been trained to do since not long after birth.

3. If you were a piece of technology, what would you be?

A sonic screwdriver, it can be used to solve pretty much any problem.

4. What's your favourite quote/proverb/saying/mantra?

Treat others the way that they want to be treated, the rest will take care of itself.

5. Music: what's at the top of your playlist?

It’s either Above and Beyond or the something new wave from the 80’s.

6. Look into your crystal ball - what do you see?

I mentioned AI and machine learning earlier. I think it has the ability to transform how we test and execute our marketing (and lot’s of other things). You can see the impact already in site recommendations and chat bots, but it takes time to set up and it’s not easy. Imagine, once you create your marketing program you hand it over to the machine to execute. It runs multiple variations and constantly optimises the wording, the headlines, all of the components and how it’s executed, all without having to have a data scientist involved or write a line of code.