Will Griffith

Managing Director

Will Griffith is a change-maker with over 20 years' experience shaping teams within the marketing and advertising technology sphere. Will is well-known for his strategic mind and inclusive approach to leadership.

As managing director of Marketo ANZ, Will is making diversity a priority for the business, as well as the industry, “Diversity drives innovation and workplace culture. In order for us all to succeed we need to proactively make sure our workplaces are more inclusive and that diverse voices are given equal airtime. Companies with diverse voices have greater depth and originality in their cultural values, and a stronger more balanced mindset in their employees.”

Will has spent many years in senior leadership roles in the UK and Australia with RedEye, smartFocus, Eloqua, Oracle Marketing Cloud, and now Marketo where he continues to champion inclusiveness.

Why is diversity important to Will? He says “My wife and I somehow managed to create a balanced household by having two boys and two girls (the power struggle is real!). Having grown up in an all-boy household myself (my poor mum!), every day I’m reminded how beautifully different they all are to each other despite having the same parents, and how wonderfully lucky we are to be able to embrace all those differences as one family. As my children grow up, I'm more and more aware of how they could be shaped by some of the unconscious (and conscious) bias and 'exclusive' attitudes I have seen in some businesses. I want my kids to be afforded an equal opportunity to succeed and be happy in whatever future they choose."