Cognitive technology: friend or foe? [10:31]

Who’s Watson?

Watson is the brainchild of IBM – a cognitive technology with capabilities that are game changing. Most recently it’s been busy creating songs, editing Hollywood movie trailers, transforming marketing and revolutionising healthcare as we know it.

Its focus areas span across commerce, education, finance, talent and more. In the short time that Watson has been around, its impact has been huge for these sectors.

In fact, the era of cognitive computing, these systems will take personal productivity, automation and the use of big data to unprecedented heights.

What’s cognitive technology?

Kevin Bishop, VP, IBM Customer Engagement Solutions, defines it as:

" that understand, reason, learn and interact with you in a very natural and human way"

Watson has access to the same information that we have, it's just faster, has an almost endless memory and no personal preferences to taint results.

" never gets tired, it never forgets anything, it can compare and contrast much more quickly than we can, and it doesn’t have built-in biases."

To understand augmented intelligence and cognitive technology and its uses, we sat down for a chat with Bishop earlier in the year.